Swiss market targeting

Translations for the Swiss market

In a multilingual, multicultural country like Switzerland, you do have an opportunity to expand your business without having to cross any borders.

This also means that you won’t have to do costly research into an unknown legal and tax environment before launching. One barrier may hinder you from enjoying the benefits of accessing a larger customer base: language!

Thanks to several years of experience as a translator – with at least 80% of the translated projects having landed on the Swiss market – I can provide you with accurate translations for internal and public use.

My translations read smoothly and at the same time fit the specificities of Swiss Italian language, also taking into account the federal terminology and the regulatory environment of the Swiss Confederation.

And of course, once your content is already available in Italian, you can easily build new trade relations on the wider Italian market as well.

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Business, institutional, marketing, health, life and non-life insurance translations localized taking into account the federal terminology and specificities of Switzerland and its regulatory environment.

My Swiss Italian translations mainly cover the following domains:

  • marketing and business communication
  • insurance
  • public institutions and professional associations
  • tourism

Wondering what my clients say about me?

“In terms of style, your Italian translations are excellent. They stood out even in the first tests. We particularly appreciate your high degree of flexibility, because we work in a hectic environment and often need to meet tight delivery deadlines. It is not easy to consistently deliver stylistically high-quality texts under time pressure – you have proven to us time and again that you can do just that.”

Mr. Z.

translation agency, Switzerland

“Ms. Calciano is a multi-talented and motivated worker. She has translated and proofread texts mainly in the fields of marketing, economy/finance, tourism and law to our complete satisfaction. From the beginning, she has been very committed and also displayed excellent stylistic ability. Her strengths include punctuality and attention to detail. Even with difficult jobs, Ms. Calciano has always delivered a good product with which our customers were also satisfied. Ms. Calciano’s work is highly valued, both in-house and externally.”

Dalibor Damjanovic

Head of Quality Management, Translation Probst AG

“The Allianz Suisse translation department is very pleased to be able to rely on Ms. Calciano’s linguistic competence. Ms. Calciano delivers high-quality translations and is always very flexible. We are very satisfied with this productive collaboration.”

T. Questier

Head of Translation Department at Allianz Suisse