Swiss insurance translation

Different language registers for a varied spectrum of readers

The insurance sector is highly regulated and thus requires to not only know the ins and out of the industry, but also to stay up-to-date with changing requirements.

Translating insurance documents also asks you to be familiar with the terminology and jargon of this industry – which notoriously is not always easily accessible to laypeople.

With that in mind, I strive to deliver clear and transparent (Swiss) Italian translations that meet the industry standards, while taking into account the different target audiences texts created by insurers address: industry outsiders like policyholders and potential customers as well as insiders like employees, agents, brokers and partners.

Examples of texts I translate for insurance are:

  • insurance policies
  • correspondence with clients
  • independent agents and claimants
  • anti-money laundering and corruption policies
  • website content
  • booklets
  • forms
  • training documents
  • and more

Translation pairs with digitalization

Insurers are often said to hang back when it comes to digitalization and multichannel marketing. However, more and more insurers are becoming aware of the existing gap between digital customers’ expectations and their offer.

This sparks the need for innovative content to be spread via your website, messenger and social media channels – and if your audience includes speakers of a foreign language, that need extends to translations as well.

Let’s work together on your (Swiss) Italian texts!

Are you based in Switzerland?

No problem! Thanks to several years of experience in translating texts for Swiss insurance companies, I acquired sound knowledge about the Swiss insurance system, including life, non-life, health and pension insurance services. I am familiar with the Swiss federal terminology and regulations and I know where to search for terms and concepts to complete projects Swiss clients entrust me with. Of course, I will adjust tone and terminology to your corporate language or help you developing one in Italian, if you are moving your first steps on the Italian-speaking market. As an external language partner of CLS Communication (a worldwide leading language services provider with historical roots and expertise in the insurance sector) since 2014, I had the chance to attend an internal CPD course in Swiss health insurance for Italian translators which provided me with the right tools to perform this service successfully.

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